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Born from the fire, a glowing ember.

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Ember is all about forging new paths, whether you’re seeking off-grid and off-road adventures or
traveling to a more conventional camping site.

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Ember’s innovative designs are built to meet the needs of the most selective RVers, including a variety of floorplan options for couples and families. The Stargazer Skylight, German-engineered furnace and water heater combination, as well as it’s capable standard solar package will have you ready for unforgettable off-road camping adventures this season. Every design contains different energy, infused into each and every innovation.

  • Bold Exterior Look

    The 2022 RV Business RV of the Year: Ember RV’s Overland Series boasts features not ever seen on a single axle travel trailer before. Ember’s true Independent OFF- Road suspension with dual shock absorbers and steel fenders make it perfect for the most rugged camping excursions. The Trailblazer chassis was codeveloped by Lippert, and is constructed of heavy duty reinforced steel tubing, to create additional torsional stability, enhancements to off-road performance, and durability. Coupled with a corrosion resistant lightweight aluminum frame and enclosed underbelly with heated tanks for frigid winter conditions, Ember truly is an off-road masterpiece.


    Though the stalwart exterior of Ember is impressive, its interior design is where it outshines the competition. Constructed with Azdel panels that increase insulation and remove the risk of mold and delamination. Paired with noise canceling dual pane acrylic windows and a true queen murphy style bed (60″ x 80″) with easy latch system, overhead stargazing skylight, dimmable interior lighting and rigid hardwood cabinets. Ember provides comfort in the harshest of conditions for the whole family.


    Other noteworthy features of Ember’s Overland series include nitro filled tires, which reduce pressure loss, increase gas mileage and extend tire life. A Truma Combi Eco water heater & furnace which saves space and increases efficiency. Folding cargo bunk beds which allow plenty of space for kayaks, bikes or any other camping essentials. With a spacious bathroom that boasts an opening window, a beautiful lit vanity mirror, deluxe exhaust fan and real porcelain toilet. Ember has truly raised the bar for luxury camping.

  • Industry Leading 1-2-3 Warranty

  • 1 – One-time-transfer available in the first year of ownership

  • 2- 2 year limited warranty

  • 3- 3 year limited structural warranty

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Ember 170MBH (Custom)

Ember 170MBH

Sleeps: 4-6
Floorplan: Front Bedroom
Length: 20’6″
Dry Weight: 4,180LBS

Ember 170MRB (Custom)

Ember 170MRB

Sleeps: 2-4
Floorplan: Front Bedroom
Length: 20’6″
Dry Weight: 4,180LBS

Ember 171FB (Custom)

Ember 171FB

Sleeps: 2-4
Floorplan: Front Bedroom
Length: 20’6″
Dry Weight: 4,165LBS

Ember 190MDB (Custom)

Ember 190MDB

Sleeps: 5-8
Floorplan: Bunkhouse
Length: 22’6″
Dry Weight: 4,385LBS

Ember 191MDB (Custom)

Ember 191MDB

Sleeps: 5-8
Floorplan: Bunkhouse
Length: 22’6″
Dry Weight: 4,670LBS

Ember ROK (Custom)

Ember Mico ROK

Sleeps: 2-4
Floorplan: Rear Kitchen
Length: 20’6″
Dry Weight: 4,180LBS

Ember ROL (Custom)

Ember Mico ROL

Sleeps: 2-4
Floorplan: Rear Storage
Length: 12’10”
Dry Weight: 2,020LBS

Go Off-Road & Off Grid. You will not find another RV like this!

VersaCoupler hitching system

Ember’s VersaCoupler hitching system allows owners to add articulating hitches and even fits a wider variety of tow vehicles, causing less need for adjustment.

Tongue mounted gear box and propane cover

Our specialty tongue-mounted gear box adds to Ember’s tough look. This houses two 20-pound propane tanks and even provides easily accessible extra storage.

Integrated parking brakes on each wheel

Ember integrated an all-new parking brake system to replace the old traditional RV wheel chocks. All you have to do is pull the brake tight to the tire and your Ember RV won’t go anywhere! The integrated parking breaks include a padlock security option as well. Once you are ready to leave your camp site, simply pull the brake back to storage position with nothing to store or disassemble.

Electric HD Flat Jack Tongue Jack

The Trailblazer features several products that are never-before-seen, making your camping experience even easier. The aged design of the standard power tongue jack has been replaced with Lippert’s heavy-duty front flat jack. This is placed below the A-Frame, making room for more storage. The flat jack retracts and extends with the push of a button and even offers a new level of stability with its triangular design and large footpad.

Transcore Structural Composite Flooring

A lot of customers never think about what’s beneath the flooring of their RV but instead of the traditional Wood flooring, Ember chose to use a light weight, eco friendly, rugged and water resistant flooring.

Ember’s Steel Fender and Wheel Wells plus Steel Framed Exo Skeleton – Not only are the fenders, wheel wells and exoskeleton rigid, tough and awesome – but they are functional for rugged real world terrain. The wheel wells are tough and support a lot of weight. The steel frame encloses the rubber seal of all five walls. This steel cage will guard the weakest parts of the camper from leaking or taking damage during any off road excursion.

Dimmable cabin lights

1000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

EmberLink Smart RV Control System

Ember Trailblazer Chassis

The Trailblazer Chassis was codeveloped with Lippert, especially for Ember RV. The unique design is constructed of heavy duty reinforced steel tubing, which creates additional torsional stability. This design enhances off-road performance and durability like no other!

Independent Suspension

Ember’s chassis is supported and reinforced by the new, integrated CURT™ Independent Suspension (IS) System. This groundbreaking chassis comes standard on every RV built by Ember. The CURT IS is a high-performance, axle-free design, built for trailblazing RVers that want to leave the crowd noise far behind. The system’s innovative design features road dampening shocks and cushioning springs to provide a smoother ride. The Curt Independent Suspension keeps the Overland and Overland Micro running smooth over rough and rocky terrain.

independent suspension
Standard Solar Package

The standard package includes a 190-Watt Go Power!® panel on the roof, along with a 1000-Watt inverter that converts power into the outlets. The solar package comes with Go Power!’s 30 Amp PWM charge controller as well as solar ports on the side and rear. RVers also have an option to choose 1 or 2 Battle Born® LiFePO4 batteries. Ember’s “Max Solar Option” comes equipped with three 190-Watt Go Power! panels on the roof, along with a 3000-watt inverter that inverts the whole RV; the microwave, A/C, and power outlets. The Max Solar Package includes a Go Power! 30 Amp MPPT charge controller with Bluetooth and solar ports. Two 100 AH Battle Born® LiFeP04 batteries are included with this package!

55 Gallon fresh water tank

The Overland & Overland Micro series have large tank sizes to keep you off-grid even longer. All Overland floorplans come with a 55-gallon fresh tank and ample black and grey tanks. The Overland Micro series, ROK and ROL floorplans come standard with a 26-gallon fresh tank.

40 lbs propane capacity

All units are equipped with dual 20-pound tanks. Ember RV provides an ideal basecamp for cold weather camping and off-grid trips.

Ember has announced the inclusion of the industry changing Truma® Combi Eco Plus which offers hot air and water from one smart appliance. The Combi’s efficient design saves space and reduces weight in the trailer so you can feel free to bring even more gear because you aren’t hauling two heavy appliances. The Combi Eco Plus is near-silent and offers the highest available energy-efficiency up to 90%, so you can enjoy a quiet night’s sleep while maximizing resources. The Combi Eco Plus’ innovative design allows it to operate on propane, electric or both simultaneously.

40 lbs propane capacity
16” Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse off-road tires with Tire Pressure Monitoring System

These Nitro-filled tires are built for excellent handling in hazardous weather conditions, and for consistent wear and longer tread life. With Goodyear Wrangler Workhorse tires, your Ember RV can handle rough terrain! Ember knows that durability and safety start where rubber meets the road, that’s why including low-quality tires was never an option. The integrated Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) comes standard as part of our OneControl smart system.

Shower Miser Water Saver

You won’t have to waste any water waiting for your shower to get warm. The showermiser will recycle water back into your tank until the water turns warm. Once the showermiser turns a light blue or gray color it lets you know your water is up to temperature.